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New Client Questionnaire

“Melanie or BAS, LLC has been helping us with various accounting tasks for multiple years and provides an accurate and professional result for a reasonable fee. We plan to continue using her for years to come.”

~ Jerrod S

“Melanie has been the BEST bookkeeper for my practice. I’ve started working with Business Accounting Solution with great referral from my banker. She came with great accolades and wasn’t sure how we’d work together after having so many inefficient services prior. I have to say, this was the best decision I’ve made and am truly grateful for prompt, courteous, professional & efficient service. I wish her the very best and I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of excellent bookkeeping service.”

~ Clara Song

“I was so pleased to be referred to Melanie a year ago. She has been my lifesaver in the accounting world. She worked so diligently to get my books in order which made my audit with L&I a checkmark. She can assist on any level of QB..from posting all to a monthly checkup to straighten the numbers. She is very accessible and responses to any question or issue promptly. Melanie is such a pleasant and personable bookkeeper and a joy work with.”

~ Barb Lasko, Owner
Matt’s Tree Service LLC

“I’ve been using Melanie for a year now at our business The Chili Parlor and have worked with her in the past at another restaurant. And I couldn’t be more pleased with her service. She truly puts her customer’s first and is very, very trustworthy with everything throughout your business needs.

~Wayne Whalen

Melanie is awesome! She helped organize our books and continues to keep us in line. It’s hard to track your business if you don’t have the numbers and now we are able to track the small items! She knows her stuff through and through!

~ A. Lasko

Melanie as hired to help out with my restaurant. We hadn’t had a bookeeper in 4 years of operation and let’s just say it was “challenging” she put in countless hours and got us on the right track. She helped us expand to a second location while keeping the books straight and also helped file and organize. Her attitude was positive, and she also has a can do attitude. She also wasn’t afraid to give her two cents when she had a good perspective on a business deal!

~ Home Pro Chef

Melanie has done a fine job of helping us to date with our minor bookkeeping needs, working with our “in house” bookkeeper with questions about QuickBooks, standard bookkeeping practice, etc. We use Melanie to perform a quarterly “audit” of the work our in house bookkeeper does, as well as having Melanie file our taxes. Her work in both these areas has been more than satisfactory; beyond that she is pleasant, personable, and easy to work with. She certainly has been an asset to our small business so far, and I am glad to be able to write this positive review.